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    Description:peeling emulsion specially designed to enhance the skin's natural renewal process. Its exfoliating ingredients ensure a powerful and effective action with a good drag of skin impurities and a smoothing effect of rugged and rough areas. Prepares the skin for further treatments.
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    Description:Emollient, moisturizing body Emulsion for after waxing, that helps the maintenance of body skin in their optimum lubrication and flexibility. It contains oat extract that minimizes skin discomfort associated with the epilation process.

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    High-performance cream, including under the Relax-sport programme, which facilitates the realization of the massage, which relaxes the tissues after sport, gymnastics, sauna etc.., normalizes the tension of skin tissues and softens the epidermis.

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    Softness for all skin types. This mechanical exfoliating peeling cleanses and purifies the skin of the entire body with just one action leaving it as soft as silk. It removes the dead cells accumulated in the dermis and reveals a velvety skin that is smoother and more uniform.

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    Anti-cellulitis Reducing Cream Formula created for the progressive liberation throughout the day of its two main active principles: • Organic Iodine that restricts the accumulation of fat in tissues preventing glucose from penetrating the cells. • Caffeine, the most powerful lipolytic agent, with spectacular reducing and anti-cellulitis effects.

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    Micro-emulsion gel with an amazing texture that wraps the body in an incredible sensation of freshness and relaxation. Its refreshing effect is caused by reducing the temperature of the area treated, which triggers a circulatory draining process that liberates toxins and breaks down accumulated fat.

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    Cacao Modell contains a high concentration of pure cocoa and a blend of essential oils of peppermint, lemon and bitter orange, caffeine and laminaria digitata that enhance the lipolytic effects, reducing and draining of cocoa. Reduce the contours and improve the orange peel on the buttocks, abdomen, thighs and hips.

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    Emulsion with a "parafinite" composition enriched with Ivy Extract which immediately melts into the skin, triggering an exuding process that liberates through the pores the toxins and fats stored in tissues.

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    Heat effect cellulite cream. Contains Dead Sea Salts, Aloe Vera and Argan Oil.

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    It has a marked anticellulitic action offering results immediately.The cellulitic nodules weaken It corrects the "orange peel skin" It sharpens the silhouette
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